February 21st, 2007 by Rory

Crackdown is what I always wanted GTA to be: a futuristic sci-fi beat-’em-up where you are constantly under attack by evil gangs and you can pick up cars and throw them. Realtime Worlds conveniently named the game Crackdown so we didn’t have to replace part of the title with the word “crack” like we already do with EverCrack, World of Warcrack, Civilicracknation, SimCrack, CrackerStrike, and Crack and Field. Okay, the last few I made up, but they make sense anyway. There are these orbs (500 of them!) that are scattered all over the game world that increase your agility — very similar to the white packages in the most recent GTA games. These orbs, however, are mostly found on rooftops in very hard to reach places. It’s sort of like a video game version of Parkour. They have these rooftop races where you have to jump from building to building and hit checkpoints. These are really fun and once you run the route a couple of times you can get decent scores and increase your agility points. You can also become more adept and blowing stuff up and shooting things. Who doesn’t want to do that? Kudos to Realtime Worlds for making Prince of Persia meets Spiderman meets Grand Theft Auto. It’s sweet.

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