Puzzle Quest – Challenge of the Warlords

April 6th, 2007 by Rory

Okay, so you might’ve heard some rumblings about this game on a few websites. It’s available for the PSP and the DS. There’s also a free demo for the (upcoming?) PC version available at the official website. If you are a fan of simple, mind-numbingly addicting puzzle games like Bejeweled but also have an interest in RPGs, you owe it to yourself to check out this game. I can sum it up in one sentence: Puzzle Quest is an RPG where the battles are resolved by playing a one-on-one version of Bejeweled.

So that sentence probably didn’t do the game justice, but if it’s enough to pique your interest, please give it a test drive. Despite what the interwebs might tell you, the game isn’t very hard to find. Both the DS and PSP versions are available on the usual e-commerce sites. You know, where gamers STOP to make such purchases.

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