March 4th, 2007 by Rory

Project Title: Entropic Space

Alternate Game Link: @Studio Cypher
Position: Graphic Artist (Completed 2007)
-Physics-based Flash arcade game
-Created interface, logo, and character art
-Finalist in the Jay is Games Casual Game Competition #4

Project Title: Dungeons & Day Traders

Position: Graphic Artist (Completed 2007)
-Stock trading game with a retro, fantasy twist
-Created for a Ruby-On-Rails web design competition
Example Graphics:
Image #1
Image #2

Project Title: Asym

Position: 2D and Texture Design Lead (2005-2006)
-Textured environment, weapons, vehicles, and buildings
-Created character models and textures based on paper-doll concepts
-Developed in-game UI and out-of-game menus
-Assisted in gameplay development
-Designed the mod’s website
PowerPoint presentation of our work (link)

Project Title: Good to Garden
Good to Garden!
-Generated design, palette and style for the web 2.0 gardening app in less than 24 hours
-Won 2nd place overall at “Railsday 2006
Railsday Action Comix!

Project Title: Lucky Wander Boy (game)
Duties: Graphic Artist / Programmer (Completed 2004)
-Action/Platform Flash game based on the imaginary game of the same name in D.B. Weiss‘ novel “Lucky Wander Boy