Happy Rails Day 2006!

June 16th, 2006 by Rory

In just a few hours I will be starting work on the Rails Day 2006 contest. My teammate and I basically have 24 hours to create a website from scratch using “Ruby on Rails.” What is Ruby on Rails? Good question. I have abso-farking-lutely no idea. Code is not my shtick, so I will spare you my uneducated guess. I’ll be working on graphics at my workbench of choice: Adobe’s Creative Suite 2. I’ve taken a lengthy nap this evening to prepare for the workload ahead. Although I don’t think I will be linking publicly to any versions of our site, I might make some posts throughout the morning/afternoon/evening regarding our progress. If you are one of the two or three people who actually read my site every once and a while, you might be summoned for usability testing at some point during the day. I’ve heard of contests like these before, like the 48 Hour Film Festival, but I’ve never participated in one. This should be interesting.

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