Feelin’ Sharky

June 28th, 2006 by Rory

Games.net presents “Game Series That Jumped the Shark

Where the hell is Sonic the Hedgehog? It jumps the shark every time Sega decides to introduce some lame-ass character who nobody cares about and who sticks around for an average 1.5 games. It jumped the biggest shark when they gave “Shadow” (the series’ badboy… wait, wasn’t that Sonic?) a pair of handguns. There are two new Sonic games coming to next-gen consoles and Sega has already anounced a new hero. Why can’t we get Sonic and Tails and nobody else? Why not raise the stakes? Have Dr. Robotnik (He will always be Dr. Robotnik to me. Not ‘Eggman’) kill all of the other characters. Especially Big the Cat. I want that feline ripped apart by 10 mecha-Sonics. With all of the characters out of the way, we’ll be back to old school Sonic and we won’t be forced to play as sub-par characters.

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