World of Flashcraft

June 30th, 2006 by Rory

I had a fun time looking at Charlie and Kurt‘s Flash stuff that they recently posted to their blogs. Very experimental stuff with deep meaning that goes way over my head. I have a few Flash creations of my own that I figured I’d share. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my World of Flashcraft:


Mario runs and runs and runs. He’ll never find his princess.

Disco Fantasy II

Grab your E and a $10 bottle of water and hit the dance floor! Unfortunately this pixelated warrior is hogging the spotlight and he’s scared everybody away.

Glacies Ex Machina

My magnum opus and comment on the treatment of janitorial service workers in the United States today. Actually, that isn’t even close. I was just trying to create a Myst-like game demo in under 8 hours.


I made this for an assignment in T570. It was initially too easy so I ramped up the difficulty to near-impossible levels. It’s at cell phone resolution which was a real pain to design.

Lucky Wander Boy

A tribute to a wonderful novel by D.B. Weiss. I actually received an e-mail from Mr. Weiss a while back and he asked me if I could figure out how to make a Flash game that “reads my mind and gives me a vectorized version of my deepest desires…” If only!

I am waiting for you, Lucky Wander Boy!

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