Terra Nova + Xfire Debate

August 26th, 2007 by Rory

Ted posted an article I wrote about “Legends of Norrath” on Terra Nova.

I’ve had a chance to read the rules for the game and it sounds fun. It would probably be difficult to play with real cards, so it seems fitting that the game has been developed as a purely digital game. Although the game interface is up right now, the game doesn’t go live for a few days.

I also participated in an online debate last week over the Xfire gaming service. The topic was virtual economies and property. Many of the questions raised and ideas tossed around were somewhat dated. It’s not anyone’s fault, necessarily, but I thought the question about the possibility of big companies selling virtual currency could have been refreshed a bit. EA sells virtual currency for single player games! Second Life sells Linden dollars! We’ve already been down that road. My frustration is probably due to the fact that I read entirely too much gaming news, but I felt my perspective did add something to the debate.

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