February 23rd, 2008 by Rory

While I sit and wait for my delayed flight in SFO, I figured I’d take the time to post some updates.

I had a great week at GDC and met a lot of really nice people. Rather than take the ‘blanket’ approach and throw resumes/cards everywhere, I focused on a dozen or so meaningful interactions with various companies. The results paid off very well. I spoke with a few Multiverse developers and I was quite impressed with some of the new projects that were on display. Seeing these games in person really showed me that there has been some significant developments with the engine as well as some interesting ideas on how to use it.

My friends and I demonstrated Stanley Frost: Demon Fire Hunter to a handful of people and most of them were very impressed by our work. This is not to say that the game is anywhere near completion — it’s fairly basic right now in terms of levels/environments and mobs, but we received some good feedback and have a good idea of where we need to improve things. I will probably post some more stuff later.

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