Star Control II

June 20th, 2005 by Rory

A few years ago my dad bought me a 3D0 for Christmas. It was $99 at the time and the games were ridiculously cheap for the system. I am sure that I still have several dozen games for the system lying around at home in various boxes and CD holders. Many of the games came in packs of four, so you’d get four or five games for $10 or so. Not bad, eh? Well, obviously some of these games were stinkers but a few were pretty awesome. I bought one pack that came with a game I had been looking for ever since I heard of the 3D0: Way of the Warrior. This game was a serious middle finger up the asshole of anybody who was offended by the blood and guts spectacle of the Mortal Kombat games. Featuring a rocking soundtrack by White Zombie and graphics that were slightly better than MK, Way of the Warrior seemed to be the next big thing… except that it wasn’t. After beating the game, viewing a few disgusting finishing moves, one of which included the player being melted in lava and trying to crawl back out, I realized that the game wasn’t what I had hoped it would be. Looking at the other three discs left in the packages, which were mere accessories considering I had little interest in them initially, I decided to pop in “Star Control II.” I had never heard of the game and the graphics looked like something on a 386 — definitely not the full-motion video and blocky, pixelated 3D I expected from my 3D0. Hours later I decided that this was the real reason I bought the bundle of games. Star Control II had very little to offer in terms of eye candy, but it had everything in terms of characters and story. My buddies John and Chris joined me and we played this game for weeks in my basement. I don’t know how much actual time we spent on the game but I don’t think we ever finished it. A few years ago I had heard something about an open-source project that was aiming to re-do the game on modern computers. Well, the game is now available to download here. It looks just like I remembered.

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